Are You Ready to be

Does This Feel Like You?
Would You Like to Learn How to Reverse the Banking Rules in 
Your Favor?

And, Become Debt-Free in as Little as 
1/3 to 1/2 the Time?
Have you ever noticed...
Our Money is Usually 
Working for the Banks - 
And Not Working for Us!!!!
Have you ever noticed that banks have the largest building in every city? Ever wonder why?

Banks have implemented proven strategies for decades which allows their money to work for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then, they teach us (the average citizen) to do the complete opposite of what they do. And, our money ends up working for the banks, not for us. 

In fact, we are taught that paying on a mortgage for up to 30 years is just something that you have to do if you want to own a home. We are taught having debt and paying on our Vehicles, Student Loans, and Credit Cards for years and years is normal. We even begin to believe having debt is normal.

This is simply NOT TRUE!!!!

The reality is that we have a choice. You can either pay on that mortgage for up to 30 years OR you can have your mortgage and other debt paid off in as little as 8 - 12 years and then convert your debt to wealth! 

Many people like you and me are tired of being in debt. Tired of seeing our money leave our bank accounts every month to pay for our Mortgages, Credit Card Balances, Auto Loans, Student Loans, Lines of Credit, and other debts, which never seem to get paid off. And, just as we get close enough to finally having something paid off, it always seems like "life happens" and we get pushed back to square one.

There is a solution. There is a way to pay off your debts and get ahead financially. You can reverse the rules of banking into your favor. 

You Can be Debt-Free - you have a choice! 

And, you can be Debt-Free sooner than you think by reversing the rules of banking into your favor.

The banks are very good at building wealth with your money. Now it is your turn!
Have You Tried to Pay Off Debt and NOT been Successful?
Getting Frustrated?
There is no magic to paying down debt - you have to send extra money to principal. 
In fact, paying down debt fast sounds easy; however, it seems like it takes forever and we don't even know if we are getting ahead. Then: Life Happens! And, we get off track. Have you noticed how hard it is to get back on track? 

We hear conflicting information about how to pay off debt: Pay off debt with the highest interest; Pay off debt with the smallest balance; Spread your extra money across each of your debts; Decrease your lifestyle and eat Top Ramen to free up money; Put money in envelopes; and so much more. How do you know which approach is best? And, quite frankly, who has time to do the math to figure out which approach is best?

The reality is that many financial gurus have to create a "one-size-fits-all" approach to paying down debt. And, thank goodness they do - at least their followers are doing something to pay down debt. 

The challenge is multiple: How do you know which approach is fastest and will save you the most money and time? What feedback are you receiving to ensure you are on the right track? How do you know you are sending the right amount? What do you do if you are just breaking even every month and don't have extra money to send?

We Want to Get Out of Debt, But...
As easy as it sounds to get out of debt, for me, it seemed as though I just couldn't make it a reality.  And, I tried ALL of the above approaches. Yet, it seemed like I couldn't get ahead. 
Then, I Found a Solution that Absolutely
Ready to Change Yours?
You Deserve To Live a 
Debt-Free Life!
Our 29-Year Mortgage is going to be paid off in 9.1 years!!! And, we are saving over $327,000 in interest and almost 20 years of payments!!!
Right after college, I found myself struggling with credit card debt. Looking back, it really wasn't a lot of debt, but, at the time, I really felt like I was drowning and I needed help. Even more frustrating was the different approaches all these financial "gurus" gave - the strategies work; however, I didn't understand why they all had such different approaches. Which one worked best?

Desperate to feel like I could breath again, I decreased my quality of life, ate A LOT of Top Ramen, and started sending additional money to each of my debts. Years later - I paid them all off! I was so proud and excited (and eager to have a meal that didn't involve noodles!). 

After meeting and marrying my husband, we purchased our home and began living our life. We both worked pretty hard in our respective fields and were blessed to move our way up the ladder, earning decent money. We then purchased a nicer home and started getting some goodies. Each time we purchased something, in the back of my head, I remembered those struggling days right after college; and, we both made a point of ensuring we stayed within a comfort zone. Although we could easily afford our goodies, I still hated writing those checks every month to the mortgage company and other creditors; I hated even more seeing our checking account with our hard-earned money depleted every month. 

In 2007, our Financial Planner introduced us to a web-based program designed to help individuals pay off their mortgage quickly. In fact, we were shown that we would have our 29-year mortgage paid off in only 9.1 years! We were saving $327,000 in interest and almost 20 years of payments. What is even better??? We did this without refinancing, our monthly payments remained the same, and there was no change to our monthly budget! That meant I didn't have to change my lifestyle and start eating Top Ramen again!!!!! Whehew!

I must admit - this sounded way too good to be true!

Eric, my husband, happens to be a rocket scientist. He ran an aerospace company as their Vice President, Chief Engineer, and Program Manager. We knew that we didn't want to waste the money on this program if it wasn't real; and, we knew we could not afford to NOT have the program if it was real. 

So, Eric locked himself away in our library for the weekend to "crunch the numbers". I barely saw him all weekend! Sunday evening, he finally emerged and said: "Joan - I have three things to say: #1 - that program is based on math; #2 - I am never doing that math again; and, #3 - Go buy the program and buy it now"! So, our new journey of financial-freedom began.

And, it was so much better than we initially thought! 

The developers continuously worked on the program and rolled out an update that allowed us to input all of our debt. I have the privilege of putting "Dr." in front of my name. Unfortunately, that privilege also came with a $185,000 price tag. We also had a boat loan, an RV loan, and one credit card. When we added these debts into the program, our projected freedom date only adjusted by about 5 years - we were dumbfounded!!!! And, super excited to finally realize complete financial freedom. It was within our grasp!

Even better, though - as our life goals changed, the program adjusted and changed with us. We decided we wanted to invest in a lot of real estate. So, we told the program we wanted a large amount of cash in our savings account to buy, buy, buy. The program recalculated and found the fastest route to accomplish that goal - we were amazed: We could invest in property a lot quicker than we thought possible!!! We began seeing our savings increase and we started buying property. 

Then, we had a kid. I don't know if you know this, but, kids are super expensive!!! As we made changes in our program to accommodate our super expensive kid, we saw our Debt-Freedom date adjust; but, only by a few months! Again, we were amazed and still on track!

Eric worked a lot of hours and did not spend much time at home with our little boy. And, you could tell it was killing him inside. We didn't really know what to do; however, we knew he needed a change. So, we input a few different scenarios into our program to see what we could do financially. Long story short, Eric is now retired (retired in 2015) and spending more time with our little one and me. We purchased a brick and mortar franchised business cash and are in a financial position we never thought possible. We now have freedom. We now have choices. We travel more, spend more time together, have flexibility to do what we want, when we want; and, we would never have known this was possible without our program.

To me, this program is life-changing. And, I need to bring this solution to as many people as possible. I am not alone in my struggles. And, people need to know there is a solution. You too can realize Debt-Freedom. You can be debt-free. You have a choice: Continue down the path you are on and continue in a life-time of debt. Or, learn how you too can find and enjoy Debt-Freedom and realize a life you never dreamed possible. 

Do you want to continue working for the bank? Or, are you ready to reverse the rules of banking into YOUR favor and keep more of your hard-earned money?!?! 
Dr. Joan Haakonstad
Dr. Joan is a wife, mother, retired shrink, business owner, real estate investor, and Real Estate Broker. She has been on numerous radio programs, television shows, and speaking engagements throughout the country.   
After partnering in a successful financial planning company, Dr. Joan began focusing more attention on helping individuals and businesses implement banking strategies into their financial portfolio and investing in real estate. This is where she found her true passion and calling - in helping others achieve the financial freedom most only dream about. 
In her "spare-time", Eric, Joan, and their little boy enjoy golfing, wake boarding, dirt biking, and gardening. When they are done being active in their outdoor sports, they enjoy coming home and relaxing with their dogs and birds. Whether on TV or seeing it live, all three enjoy watching football. Eric is an avid University of Michigan fanatic - Go Wolverines! Although Joan enjoys college football as well, she prefers watching the NFL and is an enthusiastic Eagles Fan - Go Eagles! And their son - well, he enjoys just cuddling with Mom and Dad watching any football game. 
Which Would You Prefer?
Traditional 30-year $300,000 Mortgage Plus Approximately 
$24,000 in Miscellaneous Consumer Debt 
Total Debt Owed: $324,000

The Bank's Plan

Using Our Program

Total Years to Pay Off:
30 Years
5 Years
Total Interest Paid:
Total Interest Saved:
Total Years of Saved:
0 Payments
25 Years of Payments
Potential Wealth Accumulation:
$ Millions

Calculate Your Potential Wealth!

Discover Your Potential

  • Debt Free Date
  • Interest Savings
  • Wealth Accumulation
Now is The time to Find Out....
What is Your 
Debt-Freedom Date?
Show off your product or program, and present in a sentence or two, exactly what you're offering (and bonus points if you can add a metric)
x-step program, x number of days, etc. etc.
What Would Your Life be Like if You Had NO DEBT?
Imagine the freedom that comes with being DEBT-FREE! What would your life be like?
Would You Travel More?
Have you skipped needed vacations or missed out on visiting places because you didn't have the money? If you didn't have debt, you could then afford to travel and enjoy!
Would You Spend More Time With Family?
Every day, you work hard so you can pay your debts. If you didn't need to be a laborer to your debt, would you slow down a little and spend more time with family?
Would You Retire Sooner?
Did you know that 97% of Americans who retire do so at a lower standard of living? They now have time to do the things they want, but, not the financial resources to do so. Imagine if you had no debt in retirement...
Would You Complete Your Bucket List?
Imagine having the time and money to complete all those items you wish you could do! Debt is holding you back. And, you now have a choice to take control of your financial future!
Would You Build Wealth?
Imagine having more cash flow so you could invest in your future financial needs! By being debt-free, you have the ability to take advantage of opportunities, invest in real estate, contribute to insurance - build your net worth!

What would you do if you had NO DEBT?

Now is The time to Find Out....
What is Your 
Debt-Freedom Date?
Show off your product or program, and present in a sentence or two, exactly what you're offering (and bonus points if you can add a metric)
x-step program, x number of days, etc. etc.
What is This Program?
General Overview of the Program
The Money Max Account (MMA) program is a multi-award-winning, web-based Financial GPS designed to guide you to the fastest way to pay off your debt, given your unique financial situation. The MMA program looks at the variables associated with your debt and your cash flow, and then shows you step-by-step, turn-by-turn, exactly how to do just that - become debt-free. 
Imagine having a GPS, but for your finances!!!
MMA Demonstration
Are you ready to see this amazing System in action? This video will provide a look into what this system is and how easy it is for you to use. Although based on advanced math, algorithms, and technology; it is packaged in a user-friendly interface. Check it out!!!
A Conversation with the Creators
Meet the two gentlemen who created the system. Hear why they chose to invest millions into creating this program which has begun to revolutionize the financial industry. 
Mechanics Behind the Program
Are you analytical and need more detail on how the program works? This video will provide more specifics on how the program works; including some of the banking strategies behind the program.
What this Financial Method IS and IS NOT
What this Financial Method IS:
What this Financial Method IS NOT:
  • This IS a Method that Helps to Quickly Eliminate Debt
  • This IS a Method that Helps to Free Up Funds Needed for Consumers to Build Wealth
  • This IS a Method that Works With or Without Having Good Credit; AND, May Even Improve Your Credit
  • This is NOT a Bi-Weekly Program
  • This is NOT an Increase to Your Current Monthly Budget
  • This is NOT a Mortgage Modification, Alteration, or Any Other Change to Your Current Mortgage
Financial GPS
Imagine Having a Financial GPS
We use a GPS in our vehicles to help navigate best routes. When we miss a turn or hit road construction, our GPS recalculates and finds the next route to get where we want to go. Add a destination? No problem - again, the GPS recalculates to add our new desires.
Imagine that type of technology for our Finances!
That is what the MMA will do! It will map out your route to paying off your mortgage and other debt in as little as 5-12 years. As your finances change (add more debt, unexpected expenses, additional/change in income) - No Problem! The system will recalculate and provide a new guide to meet your financial destination! 
Our family is all commission-based - our income varies every month. And, I love that this program keeps us on track and helps prepare us for the more challenging, less profitable months. 
Advanced Financial Tools
Advanced Financial Tools
This intuitive online system enables you to use financial strategies that the banking industry has used for decades to transform scheduled interest payments into wealth. Thousands of lines of code will help analyze your financial situation to map out your path to Debt-Freedom. Strategic Debt Payoff will analyze variables associated with your debt to ensure you are targeting the right debt at the right time with the right amount. The wrong decision costs you time and money!
I love that this takes the guess work out of our situation: No more guessing - which debt should I target? How much money should I send? 
Customizable Dashboard 
Customizable Dashboard Will Help Guide the Way
Customizable dashboard displays the financial information that is most important to you.  Choose to show your years to pay off, your Debt-Freedom date, how much interest you will save or have already saved, discretionary income, and more!

We adjust the Dashlets at the top to see different options and get immediate feedback on our finances. I like to see our exact Debt-Freedom date, Interest Remaining, and Interest Saved. You can choose what you like best! 
I love how it keeps us on track to reach our goals!
Hypothetical Scenarios
Hypothetical Scenarios
Ever wonder what is the best way to purchase something? Thinking about refinancing? Or, maybe purchasing a vehicle or more property? Should you save the cash, finance, or do a combination? 
The reality is the wrong decision will cost you time and money! Take the guess-work out of the equation!
You can input different scenarios to see the impact on your financial situation. No more guess work - see the impact of different financial choices so you can make the best, most informed decision for you and your family. Should I get a new Loan to buy real estate? Should I save the money and pay cash? What should I do?!?! This will take the guesswork out of the equation!

Every time we make larger financial decisions (purchasing real estate, Eric retiring, purchasing vehicles, purchasing our Business), we input different scenarios/possibilities/approaches to see how this impacts our financial situation. This allows us to make the best, most educated decision to ensure our money is working for us in the best way possible.
Empower Yourself with Financial Knowledge
Empower Yourself with Financial Knowledge
Unfortunately, our educational system does not typically teach us about finances; yet, finances are the foundation of every household and often cause some of the biggest stress in our lives - usually, because we often guess at what we should do. 
The dashboard will provide real-time feedback on every cash flow financial decision you make. You will see the consequences, both good and bad, of your buying decisions and become more empowered to make the best decision for you and your family. No more guessing! Empower yourself to make informed decisions about your money. 

We have been able to see how every financial decision impacts our situation. 
Now, we make better, more informed decisions!
Emergency Fund
Emergency Fund
Our system is designed to help you build a reserve for those unplanned expenses and emergencies, helping you avoid going deeper into debt.
Know you are going to have a large expense coming up? Let the program know and it will help you plan. 
Want to save for a large expense? Increase the desired amount you would like in your emergency fund and the program will help build that cash first, before it focuses on your debt!

We often use this to help build cash in our account to buy real estate!!! And, we have used it to have more money for remodeling our house and to go on vacations. As our goals change, we can adjust the emergency fund balance to accommodate those new cash goals!
Account Connect
Account Connect (Optional)
Easily link all of your financial institutions into one location. No more signing on to multiple sites to check your account balances or see your transactions.
Compatible with most financial institutions, including banks and credit unions; transactions are automatically downloaded and categorized daily. No more waiting for monthly statements to balance your accounts!
So Much More is Possible!
So Much More is Possible!
This web-based Financial GPS is a comprehensive system designed to integrate banking strategies and math to calculate the fastest path to pay down debts and build cash reserves in your bank account, given your unique situation and fine-tuned to the sensitivity of your goals. 
Settings allow you to adjust how aggressively you pay down debt and build wealth. 
You have the ability to pay down multiple properties and debts at the same time using this simple, user-friendly interface. All while subtly gaining financial education as you see the impacts of your buying choices. 
No need to change what you are currently doing - you are in control. But, many do begin to change their spending habits. That choice is up to you! 
This program has absolutely changed the way we deal with our finances and has helped us reach a financial position I never thought possible. Get creative - have fun! 
Allow the program to help you get to where you want to go!
How Much Is It?
How Much Is the Program?
This initial analysis is FREE.
The most common next question is: How much does the program cost?  
Great question. And, unfortunately, we don't know quite yet. This is similar to qualifying for a mortgage (but, usually less expensive) - we don't know what your investment will be until we run your numbers.
I can tell you - it typically costs less to get out of debt than it cost you to get into debt!
The analysis is FREE and then we will be able to tell you what your program investment will be. Our pricing is a tier system based on the complexity of your financial situation, as well as other factors, with price caps based on number of mortgages.
Again, the program typically costs less than a refinance of a mortgage!
Unlike refinances and other systems, with our program - YOU INVEST IN THE PROGRAM ONCE and it is YOURS FOR LIFE!!!!! You can input up to however many mortgages/debts your tier allows and you can adjust / add / modify your loans as they change. NO CHARGE!
How much did your last Refinance or Mortgage cost? Did that refinance help any of your other debts? 
How much is it costing you to CONTINUE paying on your debts?
As of April 21, 2021
Total Debt Paid Off Eliminated
With the Assistance of 
The Money Max Account™ System:
Yes - that is over $2.1 BILLION of Debt Paid Off 
Using Our Award-Winning System!
What Homeowners Across America Have to Say
Below are Just a Few Video and Written Testimonials from 
Thousands and Thousands of Happy Clients Over the Years!
"The Purchase of this program is by far one of the best financial decisions I have made."
I have been using the MMA since October 2007. When I was introduced to it, being an accountant, I thought that I could do the debt reduction on my own. So, when I received my free analysis, I made a calculation to see if I did it myself, how that would compare to the analysis. The conclusion was the the program beat my calculation. The analysis showed that using the program I would pay off my house in 7.8 years. Since using the program, I paid off a 28-year mortgage and a second mortgage on the same property. My actual payoff years for this property was 3 years. I purchased another home in 2010, a new 2010 luxury vehicle and a new 2014 vehicle. I added them to the program and by using the program, I paid off the 30-year mortgage and 2 vehicles in 7 years. I have since purchased 2 more homes (in 2017 and 2019) and a 2019 luxury vehicle which are scheduled to be paid off in 8.9 years. I have saved over $500,000 in interest. Compared to the program cost, I got a steal! My program cost to interest savings ratio is 0.0065. The purchase of this program is by far one of the best financial decisions I have made.
-Quintin, Florida
"Because of this program, we are now able to have my wife retire this year without worrying about our financial security."
My wife, Mary Beth, and I had over 26 years of payments left that totaled more than $226,000 in just principal, including a mortgage, a 2nd mortgage that was used for a rental property, Credit Cards, and other bank accounts. Our analysis showed we'd be debt free in about 7.5 years. Now, by using the MMA program for 2 years, we are on schedule to be completely debt free in less than 5 years, and are scheduled to save just under $70,000 in interest. We did this without refinancing, without changing our scheduled payments, and without changing the way we live. Because of the program, we are now able to have my wife retire this year without worrying about our financial security.
-Nick, Ohio
"We have saved $95,300 in interest and 140 months of mortgage payments!"
When my wife and I purchased the MMA program, we were skeptical it would work for us. We had 16 years left to pay off $210,000 on our mortgage and $22,000 in additional loans. We are very happy using the MMA program. We are on track to pay off $232,000 of total debt in 4.3 years. We have saved $95,3000 in interest and 140 months of mortgage payments!
-Paul, Missouri
What Do The Professionals  
Have to Say?
Our System Has Been Recognized (and Awarded) by Industry-Leading Professionals, Magazines, and Companies Country-Wide
The creators of this life-changing system are passionate about helping people get ahead. They have received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Financial Services Category, Utah Region. And, they have been recognized in publications such as Success from Home Magazine, Mortgage Planner Magazine, Home Business Magazine, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, True Wealth Magazine, and Broker Banker Magazine. 

Brian Topor, Editor and Publisher of Broker Banker, featured the System two times in his magazine and stated:

"As an experienced mortgage originator and Founder/Publisher of Broker Banker Magazine, I've come across every imaginable product designed to help mortgage originators generate more business. Some have been great, most have not. I have never personally and/or publicly endorsed any product. However, I'm endorsing this one. It's the Real Deal."
In fact, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine awarded this System the 2008 Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Client Mortgage Innovation. The founder and editor, Andrew Waite stated:  
"The... system simplifies a complex world so homeowners can manage their financial condition better. This aid to improved homeowner comprehension and control of their financial condition is a seismic shift for the mortgage industry and can deliver savings and wealth to clients. This we applaud."
In 2007, Channel 3 News Reporters in Las Vegas began investigating our system in attempts to disprove it. And, they ended up using the system personally and reported such on air. Watch to the right!
NOTE: As you listen to Jim Snyder report to the right, you will hear him state that one must have a Line of Credit to use this system. That was true back in 2007. However, the Creators discovered a way to have similar results using one's Checking and Savings accounts in 2010. Lines of Credit are no longer needed. Most of our clients use the Checking and Savings route. 
Congratulations on Deciding to
Become Debt-Free &
Convert Your Debt to Wealth!

I Want Out of Debt - 

What Do I Do Now?

Unfortunately, our System is not for everyone. Some people are in love with their debt and have no desire to get rid of it. And, others may want to get out of debt; but, are not in a position to do so as they have more money going out (on expenses, debt service, and other) than they have coming in. Unfortunately, we will not be a good fit in either of these situations.
However, if you are at least breaking even every month and are serious about getting out of debt, it is time to find out your Debt-Freedom Date! Let's run a side-by-side comparison of what you are currently doing versus what the program can do for you. This will help you make an educated decision about whether or not the program is right for you and your family and/or business. 

FREE Analysis to See if You Qualify!

The Steps to Financial Freedom are Simple:

After you have explored a bit about how our program works (under What Is this Program section above), it is now time to see if you qualify!!!
1.  Gather Your Most Recent Debt Statements and Income Information: 
Gather all of your most recent monthly debt statements (mortgage, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, lines of credit, medical debt, IRS loans - any type of debt which can be paid off). We don't care who you owe and will not ask for account numbers, but, we do need to know where you are starting from to show you how our system can help. We will collect your balance, payment, and interest rate (and a few other items) on each of these debts during our appointment. 
2. Schedule an Appointment to See Your Results! 
Select the button that states: "Yes, I Want My Free Analysis to See if I Qualify" and a new page will appear on the screen. Select an appointment time to meet with one of our experienced Strategists and make sure you have the information you gathered in Step 1 with you for the appointment (your debt math). 
3. See Your Results! 
The Strategist will send you a GoToMeeting or Zoom link for a virtual meeting prior to your appointment time. At the time of the scheduled appointment, please be in front of your computer with internet access, have all of your most current debt statements in front of you, and be ready to get excited with whomever else needs to see this with you. The Strategist will start with collecting your debt information - we need to see where you are starting from to see where our program can bring you. Remember - garbage in, garbage out. We need exact numbers, down to the penny, in order to ensure this program is right for you.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have. We are here to see if our system is a good fit for you. And, we want to ensure we answer any questions to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

This initial analysis is FREE. 

The most common next question is: How much does the program cost? 

Great question. And, unfortunately, we don't know quite yet. This is similar to qualifying for a mortgage (but, usually less expensive) - we don't know what your investment will be until we run your numbers. 

I can tell you - it typically costs less to get out of debt than it cost you to get into debt

The analysis is FREE and then we will be able to tell you what your program investment will be. Our pricing is based on a tier system based on the complexity of your financial situation, with price caps based on number of mortgages. 

Again, the program will cost less than a typical refinance of a mortgage! 

Unlike refinances and other systems, with our program - YOU INVEST IN THE PROGRAM ONCE and it IS YOURS FOR LIFE!!!!! You can input up to however many mortgages/debts your tier allows and you can adjust / add / modify your loans as they change. NO CHARGE!

We are excited to help you discover your Debt-Freedom date and get you on the road to Financial Freedom. 

You Can Convert Your Debt to Wealth!

-Dr. Joan Haakonstad

755 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 2020
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 663-2332
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